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"Amagami SS - Episode 1: Longing" Plot Overview

Looking for something new to watch? Here's a short summary of Amagami SS - Episode 1: Longing. See if you'd be interested in it...

Anime series directed by: Hiraike Yoshimasa 
Genre(s): Drama and Romance

Summary by Jakester A.

Plot summary:

It was on a Christmas Eve when Tachibana Junichi rushes over to the meeting place where he was supposed to meet with a girl who finally agreed to date him. He stood there for a few hours, but the girl never showed up. His sadness becomes a depressing memory that he carries for two years.

Still not getting over from being stood up, Junichi wakes up to the reality of living his life in depression. His sister, Miya, then nags him to prepare for school. As the siblings separate ways, his best friend, Umehara Masayoshi, accompanies him to school. On their way, Masayoshi stops and notices their senior, Morishima Haruka. Junichi stares at her and compliments her in his mind. During their lunch break, Masayoshi invites Junichi to buy bread at the canteen. Saying that going together is a boring idea, their classmate, Tamamachi Kaoru, suggests to play rock-paper-scissors and whoever loses will be the one to buy the bread for the three of them. Junichi loses and proceeds to buying the bread.

At the canteen, he encounters and helps out Miya's classmate, Nakata Sae, who was having a problem passing through the thick line of students buying food. Later as he walks back to their classroom, he stumbles upon a bread plastic bag and fell on the floor. As he picks up the bread he bought, he sees Haruka.

She compliments him for helping out Sae and reminds him to be careful not to stumble next time. His first encounter with Haruka remains in his heart. Back at the classroom after class, the class representative, Ayatsuji Tsukasa, asks for his guidance papers to be submitted. He then goes to the library looking for Masayoshi. Instead of finding him, he bumps onto Haruka once again. She was borrowing books at that time and to make up for bumping on her, Junichi carries the books she borrowed. Grateful for doing the favor, Haruka asks for his name. At that time, he decides to try risking for love once again.

As an opportunity comes in for them to meet again, Junichi, although a bit hesistant, decides to confess his love for Haruka. She was thankful for his feelings but she tells him she prefers someone reliable and older than her. After the sudden rejection, Junichi goes home depressed. This ends the first episode for the 4-part Morishima Haruka story arc. 

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