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"Amagami SS Episode 2: Approach" Plot Summary

Looking for something new to watch? Here's a short summary of Amagami SS Episode 2. See if you'd be interested in it...

Anime series directed by: Hiraike Yoshimasa 
Genre(s): Drama and Romance

Summary by Jakester A.

Plot summary:

Junichi couldn't sleep because of what happened, looking depressed as he goes to school on the next day. Judging by how his face looks like, his friends were concerned and suggest him to go to the infirmary to get some rest. As he was about to enter the bed area, he sees Haruka lying down on one of the beds.

Even though he was feeling awkward towards her, he wonders why Haruka is normally talking to him as if nothing happened yesterday. Asking her some obvious questions, she seems to notice Junichi's awkward way of talking. He gets more confused as she tells him that she's quite interested with him. Despite knowing what kind of man she wants, Junichi asks Haruka again if there are more qualities that fancied her.

Upon discovering that she was into tough guys, Junichi asks his Matsuyoshi to help him become tougher through doing professional wrestling. Seeing them do it, Haruka asks them to let her join, but her best friend, Tsukahara Hibiki, stops her from doing so. Instead of moping around, Haruka then invites the two guys to walk home together.

While walking along the side of the road, Matsuyoshi and Junichi talk about how popular Haruka was all over the school. The girls overhear what they were saying and they tell them how Haruka used to turn down confessions made by upperclassmen and lowerclassmen that she had to run from one place to another just to do so.

This relieves Junichi's mind a bit. Matsuyoshi, however, asks her what she would do if ever one of the guys who confessed to her confessed for the second time. Junichi's feelings at that time crumbled after hearing her say that she would just turn the guy down again. Because he still couldn't get some sleep, he looks worse the next day.

On their way to school, Miya apologizes for eating his share of meat buns, but Junichi didn't respond. But as Haruka approaches them, he greets her with a smile. This triggers the little sister to be mad at both her brother and Haruka. While having a class discussion in the classroom, Kaoru and Junichi gets reprimanded for throwing crumpled papers at each other. As a punishment, they were assigned to clean after class.

On his way throwing the trash bins, Haruka approaches him and asks if she could borrow his sister's swimsuit to go to the Swimming Club and take a dip in their pools. Because of Hibiki stopping them, Junichi suggested that they should look at picture books of puppies in the library. Just as she was browsing through a book, Junichi finds a chance and tells her his feelings for the second time; he asks her if he could continue liking her and if she finds it annoying, he will stop.

Unsure of what to answer, she gives him permission to continue liking her. Although she looks a bit forced on giving him permission, she was amazed with his bravery and gave him a kiss on his forehead. This ends the second episode for the 4-part Morishima Haruka story arc.  

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