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"Gungrave Episode #1: Destroyer in the Dusk" Plot Summary

Looking for something new to watch? Here's a short summary of Gungrave Episode #1: Destroyer in the Dusk. See if you'd be interested in it...

Director: Toshiyuki Tsuru 
Writer: Yousuke Kuroda 
Released: 2003

Summary by Michael S.

Plot summary:

The first episode begins on a cold open with a gun-wielding man named Brandon Heat defending a semi-truck that has a lab inside of its trailer from humanoid creatures. Besides Brandon, there are two others with him, a young woman named Mika and an older man named Dr. Tokioka. Brandon easily kills all of the creatures, and the title sequence begins. 

After the title sequence, the three are revealed to be on the run from a mafia organization known as Millennion, and have hidden their truck in a crime-ridden part of the city. Mika mentions that her mother, Maria, knew Brandon, and Dr. Tokioka says that that Brandon, from now on, must be called “Beyond the Grave,” then he leaves. Mika then tells Grave, who appears to be in some kind of sleep while getting injections of a mysterious red liquid, that her mother was killed by Harry MacDowell, the boss of Millennion. 

The next scene takes place at Millennion meeting, which is located inside of one of the tallest buildings in the city. Harry is concerned over the deaths of the “orgmen,” the creatures that were killed by Grave, wondering who could have possibly been strong enough to dispose of them. It then cuts to Mika shooting at a can while having flashbacks of her mother’s death. She then notices Grave, who has woken up and is now walking in what appears to be a trance, and she follows him. 

Grave and the Mika eventually stop at a graveyard and are ambushed by spider-like orgmen as well as members of the Millennion, who shoot at Grave as he protects Mika, but their bullets do not appear to affect grave. One of the Millennion then confronts Grave. Appearing to be an ordinary human at first, he suddenly changes into a hulking orgman. At first, Grave is overpowered, but then Dr. Tokioka drives up and gives Grave his guns, and the orgman is killed after some struggle. 

Back where the Millennion meeting was being held, Harry is given data that was extracted from the defeated orgman, and he sees a screenshot of Grave inside of the data. Harry, calling him by his true name of Brandon, is shocked to see that he is alive, and vows to kill him “again.”  

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