Thursday, April 18, 2013

"InuYasha" Plot Summary Overview

Looking for something new to watch? Here's a short summary of InuYasha. See if you'd be interested in it...

Created by: Rumiko Takahashi 
Anime Director: Masashi Ikeda, Yasunao Aoki 
Genre: Adventure, Sengoku Era, Romance, Drama, Supernatural, Comedy Episodes: 167 
Sequel: InuYasha: The Final Act

Summary by Shunrei Ryuzaki

Plot summary:

The series is about a normal highschool girl who accidentally falls in a well that transports her to the feudal era. Upon her arrival in the unknown world, she found herself being attacked by a centipede demon and unsealing a half demon named InuYasha from a sacred tree. Arriving with a powerful jewel in her possession and shattering it into pieces, Kagome must find all the shards of the Jewel with the help of her friends,and defeat the evil half demon Naraku, who is also after the great power of the sacred jewel. 

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