Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Jigoku Shoujo/ Hell Girl" Plot Summary Overview

Summary by Rokie-chan

Manga series: Nao Kodaka, Miyuki Eto and Hiyoko Hatano 
Anime series director: Takahiro Omori 
Genre: Mystery, Horror, Psychological 
Number of episodes: 26

Plot Summary: 

   A website where you can post a grudge is popular among the citizens and it is believed that once you access the page in the middle of the night, a "Jigoku Shoujo" (girl from hell) will appear and invites you to a deal in seeking vengeance for you. Once you accept the deal, the person you wish to die will be dragged to hell but in return, you will also be in hell when your life ends. This girl is named "Ai Enma" and together with her three other supernatural beings that accompany her exists to deliver spirits to hell. 

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