Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Psycho-Pass" Plot Summary Overview

Summary by Rokie-chan

Manga series: Gen Urobuchi 
Anime series director: Naoyoshi Shiotani 
Genre:Action, Sci-Fi 
Number of episodes: 22

   The story takes place in the near future where a person's mental capacity, personality and overall psychological state is measured and is called "Psycho-Pass". Psycho-pass shows a person's mental state at every moment and also calculates that person's criminal coeffecient-the tendency for a person to commit crime. 

     A young inspector, Akane Tsunemori gets assigned to the country's Public Safety Bureau ang works with four enforcers, one of which is Shinya Kougami who were tasked by the bureau to hunt individuals having a so-called "clouded" Psycho-Pass. The team holds a special gun called a "Dominator" in which it can measure Psycho-pass and identifies a person's judgement when is pointed at someone. 

   Akane strives to work and solve mysteries of the different criminal cases they are tasked to. The series depicts different forms of mental state and might cover reality and violence. Surprisingly, despite the stress she experiences she maintains a clean and clear Psycho-pass. . 

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