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"Angel Beats!" Plot Summary Overview

Looking for something new to watch? Here's a short summary of Angel Beats!. See if you'd be interested in it...

Manga series director: Jun Maeda 
Anime series director: Seiji Kishi 
Genres: action, comedy, drama, romance, science fiction, supernatural 
Number of episodes: 13

Summary by kat

Angel Beats!

Plot summary:

   After death, Yuzuri Otonashi appears in the middle of a mission of the SSS. There he met Yuri Nakamura, "Yurippe", the founder of the Afterlife Battlefront(Shinda Sekai Sensen or SSS), an organization that fights against God for the unfair life that they had. Not so long then, Otonashi joins the organization by the invitation of Yurippe. In the world after death, lies an afterlife school where it is occupied by NPCs or "non-player characters". This world is where people learn to surrender any attachments that they still have when they were still alive. The Shinda Sekai Sensen's only enemy is Tachibana Kanade or whom they called "Angel" because of her supernatural powers.

During missions, a four-girl band named Girls Dead Monster or GirlDeMo acts as the diversion. The band is led by Iwasawa and the first to fulfill her dream. On the other hand was Yui, a member of SSS and a big fan of the Girls Dead Monster. Yui replaced Iwasawa after Iwasawa had passed on. Other members of the SSS were Hinata, Takamatsu, Shiina, Noda, Yusa, Fujimaki, TK, Matsushita, Oyama, and Takeyama. Later on, Otonashi regains his memories of his past life with the help of Naoi who uses hypnosis, an enemy of the SSS who soon then joins the SSS organization and became allies. After gaining his memories, Otonashi invited Angel to join the SSS and helped the other members fulfill their dreams.

Not soon enough, shadows appeared in the after world and began to attack the SSS members. Fearing of being turned into an NPC by the shadows, Otonashi convinced the other members of the SSS to pass on. Yuri investigated the origin of the shadows and destroyed the computers responsible for it. After that, Otonashi, Hinata, Naoi, Yuri and Angel had their graduation ceremony where they thank each other and left out their final messages before passing on. Otonashi then learns that Angel's regret was not being able to thank him because it was his heart that made Angel live longer. Otonashi admitted his love for Angel wherein Angel got the chance to say her gratitude and passed on leaving Otonashi. On the next scene, shows Angel standing on the street. She then started walk and hummed Iwasawa's song "My Song". Otonashi, who happened to pass by heard her hum and approaches her by tapping her shoulder.  

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