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"Ao no Exorcist" Plot Summary Overview

Looking for something new to watch? Here's a short summary of Ao no Exorcist. See if you'd be interested in it...

Manga Creator: Kato Kazue 
Anime Director: Okamura Tensai 
Anime Scriptwriter: Yamaguchi Ryouta 
Genre: Action, Supernatural 
Episodes: 25

Summary by mel

Ao no Exorcist

Plot summary:

   All his life, Okumura Rin's only trouble is that he can't seem to get along with other people easily and his superhuman strength. Aside from that, he is also easily misunderstood by other people. Only the people from the church that he was raised in understands him, especially Father Fujimoto Shiro. Father Fujimoto was the one who raised him and his twin brother, Yukio.

It was when Rin suddenly started seeing black smogs in the city and monsters pranking children that he realized that he wasn't normal. And it wasn't long before he learned the truth --- that he and his brother are the sons of Satan and that he has received all of their father's power. The reason why Rin did not know anything about it until now was because his demoic powers were sealed by the demon-slaying blade Kurikara.

While being under attacked from the forces of Hell, Father Fujimoto sacrificed his life in order to save Rin. When he saw Father Fujimoto bleeding and so close to death, Rin did what he was told not to do --- he drew Kurikara out of its scabbard and thus unleashing the massive demonic powers within him. Although he did that, he couldn't save Father Fujimoto but only ended up closing the Gehenna gate or the gate connecting their world and hell.

Rin, now having sufficient knowledge about who he is and what Father Fujimoto is, decided to enroll in True Cross Academy. This is a school run by the archdevil Mephistopheles. From then on, Rin's troubles as he tries to come to terms with his powers, interact with people, and even get along with his twin brother slowly helped him become a better person.  

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