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"Eyeshield 21" Plot Summary Overview

Looking for something new to watch? Here's a short summary of Eyeshield 21. See if you'd be interested in it...

Manga Creator: Inagaki Riichiro (writer), Murata Yusuke (illustrator) 
Anime Director: Masayoshi Nishida 
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sports 
Episodes: 145

Summary by mel

Eyeshield 21

Plot summary:

   For a weak and unassertive boy, Deimon High School's first year student Kobayakawa Sena is considered to be an errand boy by almost everyone. Even his one-year older childhood friend, Mamori, treats him like a child who is not capable of defending himself. Not only that, it seems that he is constantly the main target for bullies. Since he hates violence and pain, the only good thing that Sena can do is run away.

All things changed when Hiruma Youichi, the devious tactician quarterback of Deimon Devilbats, discovered his light speed run and devil's cut while he was being chased by three delinquents in a busy street. From that day forward, Youichi hid Sena behind the mask of Eyeshield 21. This is the title given to the strongest running back from Notre Dame. Giving him the eyeshield is also a precaution from having him scouted by other sports teams both inside and outside of Deimon --- and more importantly, from being found out by the overprotective Mamori.

Suddenly thrust into the world of sport dominated by power, speed, and tactics, Sena gradually mustered the courage to bring the ball in for a touchdown despite the strong players ready to tackle him. To fight for the right to the title of the strongest runner of the era “Eyeshield 21”, Kobayakawa Sena fights in the American Footbal field!  

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