Friday, May 10, 2013

"Gakuen Alice" Plot Summary Overview

Looking for something new to watch? Here's a short summary of Gakuen Alice. See if you'd be interested in it...

Manga by: Tachibana Higuchi 
Directed by: Takahiro Omori 
Demography: Shoujo 
Genre: Comedy, Supernatural, Romance, Drama 
Episodes: 26 episodes

Summary by Shunrei Ryuzaki

Plot summary:

   An orphaned ten year old girl, Mikan Sakura run away from home to follow her best friend Hotaru on Tokyo, who attends a prodigy school named Alice Academy. But the school is different from the rest for only children with special powers called Alice can attend on it. Mikan then discovered she also has a special Alice, the Nullification Alice. Reuniting with her best friend, Mikan will also deal with her new classmates and with Natsume Hyuuga, an elite student with the dangerous Fire Alice. Learning more about Alices and their holders, will Mikan able to find out the truth behind the lies to save herself and her friends? 

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