Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Prince of Tennis" Plot Summary Overview

Looking for something new to watch? Here's a short summary of Prince of Tennis. See if you'd be interested in it...

Manga by: Takeshi Konomi 
Directed by: Takayuki Hamana 
Demographic: Shounen 
Genre: School, Sports, Comedy, Drama 
Episodes: 178 episodes

Summary by Shunrei Ryuzaki

Prince of Tennis

Plot summary:

   Echizen Ryoma is a prodigy tennis player came from America. He enrolled to Seishun Academy also known as Seigaku and defeated some player, securing his spot on the regulars of the Tennis Club Team. Facing new opponents and aiming to the national championship, Ryoma must learn new techniques and have his own playing style while making new friends in Japan. 

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