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"To Au Majutsu no Index" Plot Summary Overview

Looking for something new to watch? Here's a short summary of To Au Majutsu no Index.  See if you'd be interested in it...

Original Author (Light Novels): Kazuma Kamachi 
Producer: Kawase Kouhei 
Director: Nishikiori Hoshi 
Studio: J.C. Staff 
Number of Episodes: 24

Summary by Spartan chef

To Au Majutsu no Index

Plot summary:

   In an area of Tokyo in Near-Future Japan lies academy City; A city of schools and colleges aimed at research and development, with a population of 2.3 million residents, 80% of whom are students, Academy City is at the forefront of Science with a 20-year technological advantage over the rest of the world. It is also known for the development of Espers, scientifically engineered psychics who have an array of powers. They are grouped by power levels from the extremely powerful and rare Level 5’s to the powerless Level 0’s.

Enter Kamijou Touma, your seemingly ordinary Level 0 student studying in a certain ordinary High School in Academy City. Touma may be a level 0, but he has some strange power. In his right hand is the Imagine Breaker, a power that can nullify any Esper power. He can even nullify Level 5 Misaka Mikoto’s most powerful move, the Rail Gun. Touma however has one thing that plagues him; His right hand nullifies his luck and lives his life constantly followed by misfortune.

One morning, he finds an English nun hanging from his balcony railing. Her name is Index and it seems her life is in danger. She is being targeted by the force exactly opposite of science; Magic. Touma learns that he can also nullify anything from the Magic side with his right hand and it is up to him to save Index from a fate that has plagued her for her entire life. Touma learns that Index has perfect memory which means she can never forget anything she sees and in her mind, the magic side has implanted the Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum; the entire library of every single magical book in existence.

One day after school, Touma finds Index outside his door, lying in a pool of her own blood. Suddenly, a magician named Stiyl Magnus appears and tries to kill Touma. Stiyl unleashes Innocentius, a giant made entirely of fire to attack Touma. Touma however manages to beat both Innocentius and Stiyl with the power of his right hand by nullifying Stiyl’s runes and Innocentius’s fire. After escaping, Touma takes Index to his teacher Komoe’s house. With no other choice than to perform a magical ritual, Komoe was forced to perform a healing ritual with Index’s instruction. Index goes into John’s Pen mode and asks Touma to leave because his right hand will nullify the ceremony. After recovering, Touma and Index stay at Komoe’s. Later, Touma is attacked by another Magician, a Japanese saint named Kanzaki Kaori and this time he is defeated. However, Touma learns that Stiyl Magnus and Kanzaki Kaori are from the same organization as Index; The Church of necessary evil or Necessarius. They act as if they are hunting her and trying to hurt her so Index will constantly think her life is in danger and constantly seek the Church’s help as a guarantee that she will not betray them and keep the Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum safe. Touma also learns from Kanzaki that both she and Stiyl care for Index deeply but are forced to do such things because they were ordered to. Kanzaki also informs Touma that Index’s memory space in her brain is limited and the Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum takes up 80% of her brain’s capacity. Because of that, Index’s memory except for her name, her allegiance to Necessarius and the Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum must be wiped off every year and the time of her memory wipe is near. Desperate to save Index, Touma asks the Science side for help. He learns that there is no need to wipe off her memories and realizes that Kanzaki and Stiyl are just being tricked to keep Index and themselves loyal. Touma reveals to the two magicians that wiping her memory off is unnecessary. However, Index enters John’s Pen mode and attacks Touma. With Kanzzaki and Stiyl’s help, Touma was able to cancel Index’s Dragon Breath making her shoot it upwards to the sky, destroying Academy City’s Super Computer satellite, Tree Diagram in Space instead. The Blast results in Magical Telesma to rain from the sky into Touma’s residence. A single feather lands on Touma’s head and wipes out his memory. The next day, Index goes to visit Touma but he cannot remember her. Not wanting Index to look sad, Touma decides to act as if he still remembers. Touma also learns that Necessarius decides on keeping Index in Academy City and living with Touma since her betrayal is unlikely.

A few days pass and Touma runs into his classmates Tsucshimikado and Aogami. Having lost all his memories, he acts as if he still remembers them and treats the 2 of them along with Index to some fast food. They later run into a glutinous girl wearing a Shrine Maiden outfit named Himegami Aisa.

After eating, Touma and Index pick up a stray cat and Index names it Sphinx. Index senses a magical presence and runs off while Touma encounters Stiyl once again. Stiyl informs them that a rogue magician is in Academy City and he is using a Vampire Killer named Deep Blood to lure vampires.

Touma and Stiyl go to a cram school where the Magician, Aurelius Izzard is hiding. They realize that the Cram School is being assaulted by the Catholic Church, Izzard’s former employers. As they search for Deep Blood, the students within the school start to act strange and attack Touma and Stiyl. Not wanting to hurt them, both decide to run away and split up. Touma runs into Himegami Aisa once again and realizes that she is Deep Blood. Stiyl meanwhile runs into Izzard and is defeated. Izzard then appears before Touma and Aisa and manages to kick Touma out. Index, searching for Touma manages to make her way into the cram School where Izzard finds her. Touma and Stiyl wake up and try to save Aisa again. This time, they make it into Izzard’s office. It is revealed that Stiyl and Izzard were Index’s former partners and both failed to save her from her fate of having her memory erased each year. Izzard reveals by using Aisa to lure a vampire, he is going to use that vampire and turn Index immortal so there will be no more need to wipe her memory. Stiyl then reveals that it is Touma who saved Index and thus turning her into a vampire is unnecessary.

Izzard tries to kill Aisa since he does not need her anymore but Touma manages to cancel his spell with the Imagine Breaker. Izzard then tries to kill Touma several times but each spell is nullified by his right hand. Izzard then manages to find a way to cut-off Touma’s right hand with a blade gun but Touma seems to become possessed and a Dragon head appears where his right hand used to be. Touma then attacks Izzard. The next day, Touma is hospitalized again but thanks to Academy City science gets his right hand reattached. Aisa pays Touma a visit to thank him for saving her and Index decides to keep the cat.

One hot day, Touma decides to go to a vending machine to buy a drink; however, he only has a 10000 yen bill. Touma decides to use it anyway but not only did the vending machine not give him change, it also did not give him a can of juice. A girl suddenly appears and kicks the vending machine receiving free juice. The girl then talks down Touma. Realizing that she may be an acquaintance before he lost his memories, Touma acts as if he knows her. Angry, the girl fires a lightning spear unto Touma only for him to negate it. Touma learns that this girl is one of the only seven level 5’s in Academy City, the #3 ranked Rail Gun, Misaka Mikoto from the Exclusive school for rich girls, Tokiwadai Academy. Mikoto then decides to help Touma with his predicament and shocks the vending machine to take out 10000 yen worth of Juice. After taking a break, Mikoto’s roommate, Shirai Kuroko shows up and thinks Touma and Mikoto are on a date. After Kuroko leaves, what seems to be Mikoto’s twin sister shows up. Mikoto then leaves with her sister and Touma decides to head home. On his way home, he runs into Mikoto’s sister once again. Mikoto’s sister helps Touma carry all his juice cans home where it is revealed that Aisa temporarily moves in with Touma and Index. After school the next day, Touma once again runs into Mikoto, but this time, the 3rd most powerful Esper in the city looks depressed. After Mikoto leaves, Touma runs into her sister trying to feed a cat. In return for helping him with the juice cans, Touma decides to help the sister with cat care and both decide to go to a book store to buy a book about cat care. Touma leaves the sister and the cat outside the bookstore. While outside, the sister runs into a white haired albino boy and both go off somewhere. The sister equips an assault rifle and fights the boy but is ultimately defeated rather easily. After Touma buys a book, he realizes that the cat is alone and the sister is gone. Searching for her in a nearby alley, he finds her dead, mutilated body. Shocked at this, he calls the police. The police however reveal that there is no dead body to be found. Touma, who cannot believe any of this, searches the alleyway alone and runs into Mikoto’s sister… except there is not just one sister, but many. The sister with the designation of 10032 reveals to Touma that they are clones of the rail Gun, Misaka Mikoto and cannot reveal further information. Touma also sees that 10032 is carrying a body bag and realizes it is the sister he was just with.

Realizing Mikoto knows about all of this, he decides to visit her in her dorm. When he gets there however, he only finds Kuroko. When Kuroko leaves Touma in their dorm room to have dinner, Touma finds evidence about the clones and that Mikoto is trying to stop the experiment involving them. Touma finds out about the Level 6 shift Project; a project aimed at creating a Level 6 esper, and there is only 1 level 5 who can attain Level 6, the most powerful esper in Academy City, the #1 ranked Accelerator.

Touma later finds Mikoto sulking in a bridge. Mikoto reveals that in order to achieve Level 6, Accelarator has to kill her multiple times, but since there is only one Misaka Mikoto, they decide to use her clones instead. The clones however are not as strong as the original and only have a Level 2 power level. It is also revealed that since the clones are weaker, Accelerator has to kill 20,000 clones in order to shift to Level 6. All this is calculated by Tree Diagram. Tree Diagram also calculated that Mikoto will lose in the 185th move of their fight with Accelerator. Tree Diagram has never been wrong with its calculations, so if Mikoto were to die on the very first move, that would mean that Tree Diagram might be wrong and Accelerator may not go into level 6 after killing 20,000 sisters thus making the experiment invalid and thus saving her clones. As Mikoto tries to prevent Touma from stopping her, Touma manages to endure all of her attacks and tells Mikoto that if the strongest Esper were to lose to a mere level 0, then it proves that Tree Diagram would be wrong and the sisters would be saved.

As Misaka 10032 fights Accelerator, Touma intervenes and manages to hit accelerator with a right punch. Accelerator’s abilities are Vector change. He can change any vector values at the slightest touch of his skin so any bullet, any electric current, anything that has a vector will be reflected or redirected. However, since Touma’s right hand can negate any supernatural ability, Accelerator gets hit. However, Accelerator is still strong and manages to heavily injure Touma. Mikoto then decides to help out and awakens the knocked out 10032. 10032 tells the rest of the clones to use their electricity powers to alter Academy city’s wind by using the gigantic windmills found throughout the city. As Accelerator readies the final blow, his attack is negated by the wind caused by the clones allowing Touma to land the final blow. After the battle, Touma is hospitalized… AGAIN. 10032 visits him and reveals that the experiment has been halted and the sisters freed and are now receiving medical tuning. Since beating the number 1 Level 5 esper, Touma has been put in danger and is targeted by several people. It is then decided that Touma go on vacation to a certain beach with his parents. Touma leaves Academy city with Index in toll. As Touma has lost his memories, he has absolutely no idea what his parents look like. The next day, Touma decides to pick up his parents. As Index is still asleep, he leaves her behind. Touma meets a man who he hasn’t seen before, Index and a shorter Misaka Mikoto. It is revealed that the man is his father, Index his mother and Mikoto his cousin Tatsugami Otohime. Thinking it as a prank, Touma decides to play along. Upon arriving at the hotel, he finds that the Hotel hostess has been replaced by 10032 and her husband was replaced by Stiyl and Index is switched with Aogami. As he turns on the TV, he sees that the one playing the US President is Kuroko. Knowing that something weird is happening, Touma decides to take a walk where he runs into a bondage suit wearing white girl. Realizing his bad luck and that any weird person might be an acquaintance before losing his memory, he says hi to her but the girl tries to kill him until Kanzaki and Tsuschimikado save him. Tsuschimikado reveals that he is a double agent working for both the magic side and the science side and that he is both an esper and a magician. Kanzaki, Tsuschimikado and the girl whose name is Misha reveal that someone has initiated an “Angel Fall” where an angel is dragged onto the earth and it results to a distortion of the world where everyone’s faces are swapped and that the fallen angel will destroy all of civilization. Suspecting that the spell caster may be from Touma’s family, Touma and Misha investigate. After an incident with Kanzaki in the bath, Touma decides to break the ice with Misha by offering her candy. Misha takes the candy careful not to touch Touma’s right hand.

The next day, Touma’s mother forgets to lock the door to their new house and decides to go home and Misha decides to accompany her. Touma’s father, Touya points out that Misha tries hard not to touch Touma’s right hand. Now suspicious of Misha as the spellcaster, Touma and Tsuschimikado race to Touma’s house to stop Misha. Luckily, they arrive before his mother, Shiina and Misha arrive. Tsuschimikado then realizes that Touya has collected several occult artifacts from around the world. Touma tries to touch them but is stopped by his classmate. Touma then finds a picture of his father and his mother. It seems that his mother’s face which is swapped with Index is different while his father Touya’s has remained the same. At the same time as this Shiina and Misha arrive and Touma realizes that his father is the culprit. Touma then leaves Tsuschimikado and races to find his father before Misha. Touma then finds his father and confronts him about his dealings with the occult. Touya reveals that he will do everything to save Touma from his misfortune and because of that has dabbled into the occult. Touma however tells his father he does not need to since he is already happy even through his misfortune. Hearing this, Touya decides to stop buying Occult souvenirs. Touma then determines that his father has no idea that he caused Angel Fall to happen.

Misha appears and decides to eliminate the spell caster, Touya. Touma pleads that his father knows nothing of what he was doing but Misha still wants to kill him. Kanzaki then arrives to tell Misha that she cannot harm humans. Kanzaki reveals that Misha is actually the Archangel Gabriel and the angel affected by Angel’s Fall. Misha then turns afternoon into night in an instant and reveals her Angel Wings. Kanzaki tells Touma to fall back and save his father and that she will fight the angel alone. Touma reluctantly agrees. Kaori and Misha begin to fight but the angel is too strong and keeps Kanzaki on the defensive. Meanwhile, Touma and Touya find Tsuschimikado after he has knocked everyone in the hotel out. According to Tsuschimikado, Touya unwittingly folloed the rules of Feng Shui in his home thus causing Angel Fall, activating it only after they left the house without locking it. Because he was unable to destroy the place of ritual (Touya’s home), Tsuschimikado reveals that he has to kill the Spellcaster, Touya instead to stop Angel’s Fall. Touma tries to stop him but gets incapacitated quickly by his classmate. Touya also falls after trying to avenge Touma. Realizing that Tsuschimikado is is trying to use magic while being an esper, Touma tries to stop his classmate once again but he is too late. Tsuschimikado casts the spell and destroys Touya’s house. Because Espers get fatal injuries when they use magic, Tsuschimikado reveals his esper ability; the power of rapid healing. At the same time, Misha/ Gabriel’s form crumbles and a battle-weary Kanzaki falls to the ground thanking Touma.

After receiving treatment from the Frog-faced doctor, Tsuschimikado reveals to Touma he is okay. Meanwhile, an angry Index appears and attacks Touma.

While trying to buy a manga for Maika, Mikoto runs into her school director’s grandson; Unabara Mitsuki. Unabara keeps trying to go with her, but Mikoto, desperate to get away, sees Touma, Tsuschimikado and Aogami. She grabs Touma and runs off with him. Mikoto then asks Touma to go on a fake date with him to get rid of Unabara. Acting like a real couple, Touma and Mikoto eat some hotdogs and have an idle chat and Mikoto even helps Touma out on his homework. Mikoto then gets up to buy some drinks. Unabara appears and chats with Touma. Touma realizes that Unabara really likes Mikoto. Mikoto then returns and becomes upset for Touma being nice to Unabara. Touma however defends him and convinces Mikoto that Unabara has no ill will towards her. Mikoto decides to treat Touma to lunch and goes into a fastfood store leaving Touma behind with Unabara. While in the crowded restaurant, Mikoto sees an injured Unabara telling her to run away.

Meanwhile, outside, Touma sees an injured Unabara running into the fast food store. Suspicious of who he is with, he confronts Unabara. Unabara reveals he is a fake and that he is a magician on a mission to infiltrate the “Kamijou Faction”. He reveals an Obsidian knife and disintegrates a car. While being chased by the impostor, Touma calls Index. He asks about the knife and what type of magic the impostor is using. Index reveals that the magician is an Aztec magician is using a replica of the Spear of Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli. Touma then decides to fight back and manages to beat the Aztec magician.

The impostor reveals to Touma that he was sent to find more about Kamijou Touma and the Kamijou faction and how he has gathered allies from both Magic and science sides including a Saint from the magic side (Kanzaki) and a Level 5 (Mikoto). He says that the Kamijou faction will upset the balance between both sides so he is tasked to destroy the faction from within. Touma then realizes that the impostor is forced to do this job and does not want to hurt Mikoto but is still determined to make Touma his enemy. Touma then realizes that the magician really likes Mikoto from how he is talking. Touma then declares that he will destroy his illusions and resumes their fight. After beating the impostor, the building collapses and when a steel beam is about to fall on both combatants, a rail gun suddenly blasts the beam away. It seems that Mikoto overheard their conversation. With the magician trapped in steel girders, he tells Touma that attacks will continue and he asks him to protect Mikoto. Touma agrees.

Meanwhile that evening, Accelerator finds himself followed by a mysterious figure. He turns around and reveals a naked little girl following him. That little girl is one of Misaka Mikoto’s clones. That clone’s serial number is 20001, Last Order. Last Order asks for Accelerator’s help. She wants to be taken to an incubator since she is still incomplete. This is due to the fact that the Level 6 shift was ended prematurely and all sisters freed. Accelerator ignores her but she follows him to his apartment where she stays with him for the night.

Accelerator wakes up and finds Last Order still with him. He goes to a family restaurant with her and finds a researcher from the Level 6 shift project, Amai Ao. While eating, Accelerator questions Last Order how she can talk to him, the guy who killed more than 10000 of her sisters. Last order answers by saying that all sisters share the same memory so she knows the incidents which happened during the experiments. She adds that she is sad because of that fact and that she does not want any more sisters dying. This greatly affects Accelerator. Last Order continues that without Accelerator, the experiment would never have been started and that the clones wouldn’t be able to live in the first place and then, Last Order goes on to thank the Level 5. The affected Accelerator leaves Last order alone in the restaurant and heads for the research facility. There, he runs into Dr. Yoshikawa, a researcher for the cloning project. After some minor pleasantries, Accelerator asks for the manual for the Sisters, as well as adjustment equipment asking the researcher not to ask why. Yoshikawa then reveals that Last Order is a special clone created as a server for the Misaka Network and that she broke from her incubation chamber and escaped. She also tells the Level 5 that Last Order has a virus in her that would make her command the sisters to indiscriminately attack civilians. The one who set the virus up was a fellow researcher named Amai Ao. Realizing the danger for the little girl and the public, Accelerator goes back to the restaurant to look for Last order. While searching for her, he sees Touma. Wanting to take his revenge, he chases after him but decides not to because finding Last Order is more important.

Accelerator finds Ao and Last order outside the research Lab. Ao, who is worried that Last Order might die before the virus activates panics as he sees the strongest Esper. He decides to run over Accelerator but the damage is reflected back. Sensing that Last Order is in Danger, Accelerator tries to take control of the Information Vector within Ao’s computer and Last Order. He finds out he can but he cannot use auto-reflect as controlling data vectors require precise calculations. Sensing that Accelerator cannot reflect anything back, Ao fires a bullet into Accelerator’s head, but Accelerator was able to finish the data manipulation just in time. Yoshikawa arrives and after arguing with Ao, she shoots him and takes both Accelerator and Last Order to the Frog Doctor for treatment. It seems that the bullet has penetrated Accelerator’s skull thus making it impossible for him to make the vector calculations needed for his power. The Doctor immediately operates and manages to save the esper and his powers by connecting his brain waves to the Misaka Network with him now relying on the very clones he killed to walk, talk and use his powers.

Meanwhile, Tsuschimikado receives word from Academy city chairman, Alistair Crowley that a Necessarius Magician has infiltrated the city. His plan to deal with her? Use Touma. Index meanwhile realizes that Touma has left her without any food so she decides to go to his school. Inside a certain Highschool, Komoe introduces a new student. When the new student is supposed to enter, Touma is shocked to see Index. Komoe sends Index off and gives her money to use for a taxi. It seems that Aisa, who is the new student, is forgotten and decides to introduce herself to the rest of the class. Index, who is still hungry decides to buy something to eat, however, she does not know how to use a vending machine. She is helped by a girl named Hyouka. After the opening ceremony, Touma joins them and is introduced to Hyouka who seems to be another transfer student like Aisa. They decide to go out after school. They then run into Komoe who seems confused since the only transfer student she knows of is Aisa. The three of them run into Aisa who turns down Touma’s invitation to join them since Aisa has to report to Komoe. Aisa then becomes suspicious when she hears Hyouka’s name.

Meanwhile, Kuroko finds the magician and decides to confront her. She manages to pin down the magician with her teleportation ability but when the magician summons her Golem’s hand, it became Kuroko’s turn to be in the ropes. Luckily, Mikoto arrives and saves her roommate by using her Rail Gun to destroy the hand holding Kuroko. And then they realize that the intruder is gone.

The group Touma, Index and Hyouka go into the Underground mall and decide to play in an arcade. Index, who is bad at technology, gets frustrated. When she sees a Cosplay Photobooth, she decides to take a cosplay photo with her and her new friend, Hyouka. After eating, a Judgment Telepath gives them an order to evacuate since there is a terrorist attacking Academy city. Before leaving however, a clay eye appears and says that the target is found. Index and Touma then realize that the attacker is a magician. Suddenly, the group becomes trapped in the mall. Arguing on who should confront the magician, Index and Touma somehow manage to fall on top of one another. Hearing the commotion, Kuroko and Mikoto appear to see what’s going on and find Touma and Index on top of one another with a confused Hyouka looking on. Index and Mikoto suddenly become at odds with one another asking who the other is and who she is to Touma. With Mikoto and Index arguing on who should escape, Kuroko decides to teleport the both of them out instead, leaving Touma and Hyouka behind.

Sherry Cromwell, the magician attacking Academy City is confronting Anti-Skill and winning. By the time Touma and Hyouka arrive to the scene, The Anti-Skill teachers are already pinned down badly. The Anti-Skill leader, Yomikawa recognizes Touma since he is a student from the school she is teaching in. As Touma confronts Sherry, it is revealed that Touma can affect her Golem with his right hand. Sherry then tells Touma that she is from Necessarius and she wants an open war between Science and Magic. Sherry then unleashes her Golem, Ellis but Touma is saved by the remaining Anti-Skill members. As Sherry retreats, Touma decides to follow her. But before he can, he realizes that Hyouka is following him. He tells her to get away but she gets hit by flying debris in the face. Hyouka and the others learn Hyouka is hollow and inside her hollow head is a floating gold, rectangular prism. Terrified of finding out she is different, Hyouka runs away. Sensing this, Sherry tells her Golem Ellis to follow Hyouka. Ellis then manages to destroy the walls barring Touma and Anti-Skill from following.

Touma calls his teacher, Komoe to ask about Hyouka. Komoe tells Touma that Hyouka is formed by the aggregation of the AIM fields emitted by all espers in Academy city and that she might be killed if she comes into contact with Touma’s right hand. Fearing for her safety, Touma goes off to save Hyouka.

Hyouka, who is emotionally and physically damaged, is caught by Sherry. Sherry is surprised that the key to the legendary Imaginary District of Academy City is this shy, timid girl. Deciding to end things now to start a war, she to kill Hyouka, but Touma appears and blocks the Golem’s puch with his right hand and negating half the Golem’s body. Along with Touma, Anti-Skill also arrive as back-up as Touma confronts Sherry once again. Sherry manages to draw a magic circle, making Touma think she is making another Golem. However, she reveals that she cannot create two, if she does try to, they will only collapse. However, the effect of trying to create two golems is not just collapsing both golems, but the ground as well, so Sherry makes her escape. Sherry then changes her target to Index to make the magic side angry at the science side for letting her die in their city. Sensing her plan, Touma goes after her.

Above ground, Index and Mikoto are waiting for the others when Sphinx the cat runs away from Index. Index leaves Mikoto to run after her cat.

As Sherry summons her Golem to find Index, she stays behind to hold up the advancing Kamijou Touma. As she confronts Touma, she tells him that Ellis was once the very first attempt to produce a Magician-Esper Hybrid gone horribly wrong and she wants to start a war between both factions because of that. Touma realizes that Sherry does not really feel that way and really wants peace between both factions. Touma decides to break her illusions and fights her, managing to negate her attacks and land the finishing blow. However, even with Sherry beaten, Ellis is still up, and with no magician controlling it, the Golem goes berserk.

Index manages to catch Sphinx but the Golem finds her. Index holds her own against the creature but trips herself being inexperienced in combat. She is rescued by Hyouka who reveals her awesome strength. Hyouka manages to push Ellis back, however, her power is not enough. Touma then arrives and cancels out Ellis with his right hand. Mikoto and Kuroko then arrive but went away since Kuroko is afraid her Onee-Sama might have caused trouble again.

Touma looks for Hyouka in an abandoned building. When she finds her, he tells her not to worry and comforts her and tells her she is not a monster. Index then arrives and the two friends find comfort with each other.

In a certain hospital, Touma brags to the frog doctor that this time, he manages to walk away with jus minor scratches. He is immediately punished by Komoe and Aisa however for his recklessness. In the waiting room, Hyouka begins to fade away and tells Index that she is the essence and aggregation of all esper powers. Both make a promise to each other that they will meet again and then Hyouka fades away.

In the Windowless Building, Tsuschimikado confronts Crowley about Hyouka and what he plans on doing. He asks the chairman if he wants to make a new Heaven with Hyouka as an Angel. He then warns Crowley that he must not underestimate the Imagine Breaker and that Touma will smash all of Crowley’s illusions. Crowley answers that all his illusions are already broken. The series ends with a stinger. The Anglican Archbishop orders Stiyl to return to Academy City and seek help from the Imagine Breaker once again…  

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