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"Suki-tte Ii na yo" Plot Summary Overview

Looking for something new to read? Here's a short summary of Suki-tte Ii na yo.  See if you'd be interested in it...

Manga series director: Kanae Hazuki 
Anime series director: Takuya Sato 
Genres: romance, drama 
Number of episodes: 13

Summary by kat

Suki-tte Ii na yo

Plot summary:

   Tachibana Mei is an anti-social and quiet 16-year old high school student who had a bad childhood memory wherein she was left with a belief that she doesn't need friends because they will only hurt and betray you in the end. One day at the school, she accidentally kicks Kurosawa Yamato, one of the most popular boys in the school. Yamato got interested and asked to be friends with Mei. Mei called Yamato to accompany her because she felt scared that someone was stalking her. Yamato kissed Mei and the stalker went away. From that day on, their relationship grew little by little.

Through Yamato's popularity, Mei started to get along with people and became friends with Oikawa Asami, a girl conscious of her large breasts and hates it when people stare at it. Asami started to date Nakanishi Kenji, a friend of Yamato, after he confessed his love for Asami. Mei often times feel worried about her relationship with Yamato since Yamato is popular especially to the girls. One day, a popular amateur model named Kitagawa Megumi transfered on their school. She confessed her love to Yamato but was rejected. People see her as a sweet and kind person but the truth is that she plans to destroy Yamato and Mei's relationship. She also invited Yamato to join modelling where soon people noticed that they are perfect for each other. Rumors spread like fire which really made Mei worried and lonely. When Yamato knew about Mei's feelings, he decided to quit and decline offers on modelling. Megumi then again planned to destroy Mei and Yamato's relationship by telling Yamato that Mei and Takemura Kai, a junior high friend of Yamato, are going to the Land together. Rumors spread and Yamato confronted both Mei and his friend. Kai explained that she cares for Mei and that he wanted to make her happy because she was feeling lonely lately that's why he invited Mei to go with him. He also told that she likes Mei but eventually accepts that Mei is only in love with his friend. After that, Yamato realized the loneliness being felt by Mei and invited Mei to go with him to the Land. 

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