Monday, July 1, 2013

“Amnesia Episode 2” Plot Summary

Game Developer: Idea Factory
Anime Director: Yushimitsu Ohashi
Studio: Brain’s Best

Summary by: Tom

When the heroine confronted three mean girls a fragment of her memory shows in her mind that her hair was cut by the three mean girls that saying she broke her promises to them and then she suddenly fainted. Back to the Café their manager was planning a three day, two night island trip while singing happy birthday song to their costumer she was spacing out again and another fragment of her memory showing up in her mind again that her boyfriend was trying to tell her that he killed a man. While walking on the street the heroine was about to hit by the car and suddenly, a long hair guy grab her hand and save her life.

While enjoying the trip the rain suddenly pours out and then they stop for a few minutes at the station the heroine again spacing out and again another fragment of her memory showing up in her mind a vision of chimes and festival together with Kento. And when the rain stops they started walking in their destination the heroine ask Kento about of her what she see in her memory but Kento-san didn’t know about it. So later after playing hockey with the staff of the café they go outside to watch the Mnemid meteor shower. When she thinks about that when the time the heroine and her boyfriend left she was so scared about it so she ran and fall on the cliff and when she got her consciousness back she was laying on the bed in the hospital.

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