Monday, July 1, 2013

“Amnesia Episode 3” Plot Summary

Game Developer: Idea Factory
Anime Director: Yushimitsu Ohashi
Studio: Brain’s Best
Episodes: 3

Summary by: Tom B.

After admitting to the hospital Orion has been disappeared and the heroine discharged from the hospital morning Shin visits the heroine Shin told her that today is the one year since they started dating. But she didn’t remember that Shin was her boyfriend Shin her boyfriend figured out that she loses her memories and getting confused. So Shin trying his best to regain her memories they went to the place where she studies, the club she joins, and where she works and explain it to her very well. Later that night she write everything that happened so that can she remember that day, morning Shin waking up to prepare for her work meanwhile at the Meido no Hitsuji Café while she opens the door she was warmly welcome by Wake-san the manager and the staff of Meido no Hitsuji Café. At the locker room while their chatting she suddenly ask about what happens on her in their trip in Shinona so Sawa explains everything about what happens in the trip but their stories don’t match. When she ask to Shin about the cliff Shin told her  the truth that it was Shin’s fault that’s why she fell on the cliff then that time she heard the voice of Orion.

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