Friday, July 5, 2013

“Kuroko No Basket Episode 1” Plot Summary

Writer :  Tadatoshi Fujimaki
               Producer : Production I.G
               Genre: Comedy,School,Shounen,Sports
               Summary by : Alex                        
Plot summary            In this episode, everybody in Seirin High School is busy for the new freshmen arrival and club recruitment  ,especially the Seirin Basketball Club where the recruitment session is done by Aida Riko and Hyuuga Junpei.This episode focus is on the introduction of two freshmen that just joined the club ,Kagami Taiga which is a freshman who just arrived from America and Kuroko Tetsuya which hails from the infamous middle school Teikou where the “Generation of Miracles “ is from. During the training session, Aida Riko the club coach has done an inspection, she has a special ability where she can analyze a person’s capability just by looking at their body and she was shock at both Kagami and Kuroko but she was astonished at Kagami potiential only and states that Kuroko abilities is below average. Kagami and Kuroko abilities is shown when the coach organized a match between the freshman and their senpais,but the one that shocks all of them the most is Kuroko which is tought to be a myth (due to his lack of presence) that is known as the “Phantom Sixth Man” who is excelled at passing and recognized by the “Generation Of Miracles”.

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